Sunday, 29 April 2012

FCC Workshop (April 2012)

Personal Makeup Workshops

Every women has the right to feel like a goddess. This workshop has designed this fun personal makeup workshop to assist women of all ages to unleash the mythical beauty within. The personal makeup workshops run for 3-4 hours with a choice of daytime whilst the kids at school or evenings. You can come along and learn the tips and tricks of doing your own personal makeup. This is some simple and effective ways to give you newfound confidence in the way you look and feel.

Training Room
F.C.C Cosmetics

Make Up Done By Participants
                              Before                                                  After    
                              Before                                                    After  
                               Before                                                   After   
                           Before                                                      After    
                           Before                                                         After
                         Before                                                        After

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