Sunday, 28 October 2012

Liquid Eyeliner & Dipliner

One of the most popular Halal cosmetic brands in Malaysia, FCC (formerly known as Farmasi) is widely distributed in 117 countries around the world. The brand features a wide range of high-quality makeup that celebrates colours and is kept affordable too.

FCC's Deep Look Eye Liner / Dipliner is an ultra lightweight formula that comes with a brush applicator that allows you to create the most precise line for a sharp and clean look. 
Eyeliner - softer brush

Dipliner - harder brush, suitable for beginners
Suitable for all skin types.
PRICE: RM20.90


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  1. Thanks..
    Saya sekeluarga ambil yg haq sahaja.lain lain tiada.Dulu kini Dan selamanya


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