Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to Apply a Nude Cocoa Color Lipstick on Your Lips

A nude lip is the very essence of sexy for bombshells like Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johnsson, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. But a nude lip is not actually naked. To achieve that perfect natural glow, the right lipstick is a must for balancing your skin tone and avoiding the too pale or tired effect. Here, we share how to wear the most universally flattering neutral lipsticks application tips for looking beautiful in the buff. 
  •  Make sure your lips free from dirt and traces of oil.
  • Apply a thin layer of foundation on the lips. (FCC Stick Foundation or BB or CC Cream is recommended.
  • Then, apply a lip pencil (dark cocoa colour. code 02,07 ) and draw a line to your lips carefully.
  • Apply a pale/nude colour lipstick on lip and blend the lipstick colour with line made smoothly.
  • Put a very thin layer of lip gloss (Gleamrouge Liquid Lipstick code 18, 20) to enhance the lips colour.

 Lipstick with nude cocoa colour that recommended by us:
  • True Colour Lipstick Code: 13,14
  • Maxi Rouge Lipstick Code: 14 
  •  Lip Maximizer Lipstick Code: 07

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